The following films are online screenings for 24 hours only.

Pop City

• Dir. Rohit Mittal

• Hindi with Eng subs

• 1h 20m

A young and ruthless gun for hire Gulshan, lives a lonely life in Mumbai, he dreams of becoming the number one hitman in the city. He is presented with the opportunity to achieve his goals after being approached by a mysterious organisation to kill a journalist. As Gulshan stalks his prey, learning his every move and planning when to make the hit, Gulshan’s everyday life begins to get mixed in with his professional life and the best laid plans quickly vortex out of control.

Available 18th June for 24hrs

Sisters of the Trees

• Dir. Camila Menéndez And Lucas Peñafort

• Hindi And Merwari With Eng Subs

• 1h 26m

Among the arid lands of Rajasthan, surrounded by marble mines lies the oasis-like village of Piplantri, where women are no longer worried about giving birth to a girl, who historically would have been seen as a burden. Since 2005, a small group of activists have changed society and now every time a girl is born in the village, the residents celebrate the occasion by planting 111 trees in her name. Sisters of the Trees is the intimate story of these brave women and the positive changes and challenges they face trying to raise their daughters for a better future, deeply connected to environmental conservation.

Available 19th June for 24hrs


• Dir. Ananth Mahadevan

• Marathi with Eng subs

• 1h 41m

World premiered at Busan Film Festival Ananth Mahadevan’s story is based on true life Indian crop workers struggles. In need of money, young Sugana quits college to work in the sugarcane fields with her family. Workers arrive by the truckload to work in this cash rich industry, but nothing is how it seems. Suguna discovers a harsh truth. She is absent for three days to accommodate her menstrual cycle and upon her return learns that she will have to pay a fine for the missed days. Hard up for money and with the system rigged against her, Sugana faces a harrowing choice that will affect the rest of her life.

Available 20th June for 24hrs

Gamak Ghar

• Dir. Achal Mishra

• Maithili with Eng Subs

• 1h 31m

In a north Indian village, a large extended family reunites at their ancestral home to celebrate a new birth in the family. It’s a joyous and carefree occasion. Over the next three decades, through festivals and feasts, births and deaths and with children moving away to the city, the film observes the house age and fall into neglect with the passing of time. Achal Mishra’s astonishing debut feature film is the most intimate of epics, beautifully exploring the ebb and flow of family life in an ever-changing world.

Available 21st June for 24hrs

Bagabiya (Garden of Memories)

• Dir. Humaira Bilkis

• Bhojpuri, Bengali

• 1h 11m

Filmed over the course of several months in Bangladesh’s remote tea fields, Baganiya follows the incredible lives of three labourers. Padmoluv Bunarjee, in the last stages of his life, still remains nostalgic of his British Colonial masters. Young Chieftan Sojoy Yadav feels trapped by history, but continues his work in the tea fields and school drop out Chandan wants to elude this work and exploitation altogether. Through the lives of these three individuals from different generations, Humaira Bilkis weaves an elegant tale of labourers, whose lives are still impacted by the framework of colonial rules that still govern the tea industry.

Available 22nd June for 24hrs

Sthalpuran (Chronicle of Space)

• Dir. Akshay Indikar

• Marathi with Eng Subs

• 1h 26m

Eight year old Dighu has recently moved with his mother and older sister from the city to his grandparents coastal village of Konkan and is finding it hard to adjust to his new life without his father who has disappeared seemingly without a trace. As Dighu struggles to find answers from the grown ups around him, he finds solace from his grief through his diary and imagination. Akshay Indikar’s latest film is a gentle portrait of innocence and how children comprehend change and loss.

Available 23rd June for 24hrs

WingMan (The Universal Irony of Love)

• Dir. Anuj Gulati

• Hindi with Eng Subs

• 1h 25m

In this black comedy, 20 something Omi works as a call centre agent at a corporate dating service, where he is tasked with being a matchmaker for his urban callers. His personal life, however, is a shambles as his childhood sweetheart has decided to call it quits and his matchmaking skills seem to work for everyone but himself. In his quest to evade being alone Omi pursues a married waitress, a choice that send his life in to a tailspin culminating in a crazy night that could change his life forever

Available 24th June for 24hrs

Lorni - The Flaneur

• Dir. Wanphrang K Diengdoh

• Khasi and Hindi with Eng Subs

• 1h 46m

Acclaimed actor Adil Hussain (Life of Pi, Star Trek), plays Shem, an out of work, self-styled detective with a sharp sense of the streets. Shem is offered an escape from his humdrum investigation work when he is suddenly asked to investigate the disappearance of an object of great cultural value. Navigating the narrow streets and dark alleys, Shem’s journey takes him into the heart and soul of Shillong, where the city’s unique political, racial and cultural identity soon complicates his investigation and even threatens his life.

Available 25th June for 24hrs

Swimming Through The Darkness

• Dir. Supriyo Sen

• Bengali with Eng Subs

• 1h 16m

This inspirational documentary follows the eventful and at times chaotic life of blind swimmer Kanai Chakraborty. Despite being blind and the reservations of his family, Kanai decides to participate in the world′s longest swimming competition in the Ganges River to demonstrate the power of disabled people by challenging sports. Swimming Through Darkness chronicles the roller-coaster journey of a gritty man determined not to let his blindness define him and to chase his own dream.

Available 26th June for 24hrs

Mara Paapa Superhero

• Dir. Darshan Ashwin Trivedi

• Gujarati with Eng Subs

• 2h

This sweet and charming family film tells the story of a little Gujarati girl’s quest to prove her street vendor father is secretly a superhero. Kanku is a happy go lucky kid who is able to find joy and happiness with the small things in life. One day while playing with her rich friend Kiara, she hears Kiara refer to her father as her superhero. Eager to understand, Kanku asks Kiara questions, the answers which lead her to believe her street vendor dad is also a superhero. She sets out at any cost to convince everyone of this fact.

Available 26th June for 24hrs

Who is Baul

• Dir. Sairam Sagiraju

• Bengali with Eng Subs

• 54m

Filmmaker Sairam Sagiraju, together with Grammy award winning composer Ricky Kej and historian Vikram Sampath set out on a monumental journey to document the philosophies and musical lineage of the Bauls of Bengal. For centuries Bauls have passed on their traditions of inner knowledge and spirituality through song and music. Declared as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, The Bauls of Bengal have kept their philosophies alive for over a 1000 years, but modern demands threaten their simple, enlightened lifestyles.

Available 27th June for 24hrs

Kastoori (The Musk)

• Dir. Vinod Kamble

• Hindi with Eng Subs

• 1h 41m

Vinod Kamble’s movie tells of Gopi, an intelligent Dalit teenager, who has no choice but to engage in manual scavenging in order to pay for his education. He is teased at school for the smell of his body and clothes, with his classmates covering their noses when he walks past, they are never shy of reminding him that he “smells like a gutter”. Gopi comes across the scent of a perfume called kastoori (the musk), and sees this as the way to get rid of his smell. Together with his friend Adim, they set off on a mission to get their hands on the precious scent.

Available 28th June for 24hrs

Trijya (Radius)

• Dir. Akshay Indikar

• Marathi with Eng Subs

• 1h 31m

World Premiered at Shanghai Film Festival, Trijya tells of a young poet’s journey of self-discovery. Avdhut, a migrant to the city of Pune, works part-time as a journalist writing the astrology column for a local newspaper. Even though he doesn’t have a steady job he is under pressure from his family to get married and settle down but all Avdhut wants is to return to the simple life of his village and pursue his passion of poetry. Unable to deal with the mundanity of his life he decides to throw in his job and go on a journey to find himself.

Available 29th June for 24hrs

Ghar Ka Pata (Home Address)

• Dir. Madhulika Jalali

• Hindi and Kashmiri with Eng Subs

• 1h 7m

A heartfelt documentary following director Madhulika Jalali as she searches for her identity as a Kashmiri Pandit woman. In the early 90s, six-year-old Madhulika and her family fled Rainawari – a quaint suburb of Srinagar – in response to Kashmir’s separatist insurgency. Twenty four years later with no memory of her birthplace, she returns to visit her lost home with her family. Weaving together impromptu conversations, family anecdotes and stunning footage from the streets of Rainawari where she is welcomed back by her childhood neighbours, Ghar Ka Pata reveals deep and personal connections that go beyond religion and politics.

Available 30th June for 24hrs

Bread & Belonging

• Dir. Sonia Filinto

• Konkani and Kannada with Eng Subs

• 51m

Set in the small but vibrant Indian state of Goa, Sonia Filinto’s documentary tells a heart-warming story of food, culture and migration through the lens of Goa’s most famous bread, pão. The film follows Alzira and her family who have been quietly following their love for baking for generations, but are nowadays struggling to keep their business alive in a changing world. With the arrival of new workers from outside Goa, the family are stirred up into a mission to bring pão back to its former glory.

Available 1st July for 24hrs

I'll Meet You There

• Dir. Iram Parveen Bilal

• English and Urdu with Eng Subs

• 1h 30m

An insightful and moving portrait of three generations of a Muslim-American family, I’ll Meet You There follows Majid, a Chicago policeman, and his teenage daughter Dua, a gifted ballet dancer. Their blissful life begins to take a turn after an unexpected visit from Baba, Majeed’s long-estranged, religious father from Pakistan, which coincides with a Majeed’s new undercover assignment with the FBI. As Baba and Dua’s relationship begins to blossom she is soon forced to pirouette between her passion for dance and her roots.

Available 2nd July for 24hrs